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A Message from IMPACT CEO about COVID-19

Hello Friends,

Our world is in upheaval at the moment and the only thing more tiresome than messages about COVID-19 is that we are faced with this crisis at all. We trust you and your families are staying safe and weathering this storm in the best way possible.

I want to take a moment to let you know the status of IMPACT during this time. We will update this page as the state of the situation changes. 

IMPACT Remains Operational

We are in a unique position to continue helping organizations with their messaging and marketing needs throughout the pandemic lockdown and to help prepare for the eventual re-opening of businesses. It is our mission to help as many individuals and organizations come out of this time in a better position than they entered it. We are committed to keeping our employees employed, paying our taxes, and potentially hiring more employees and contractors in the coming weeks and months.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe

IMPACT has always had a distributed workforce, meaning, we all work from home or remote offices. Most of our employee and client meetings are virtual, using video conferencing technology. All face-to-face meetings have been canceled or shifted to virtual mediums until further notice.

Flexibility of Scope

Our client work is laid out a year in advance with the assumption that there will not be a global shutdown. (!) With the crisis-imposed shift in the focus of marketing and communication messages and the additional burden of responsibilities on communications and marketing offices, we recognize some of our scope will also shift or be delayed. We are adapting our campaigns to the current needs of our clients and will rollover any unused scope to the next contractual year. 

Support for Struggling Organizations

While we are optimistic and believe in the possibilities for organizations to transform and grow during times of crisis, we acknowledge that some businesses and nonprofits will not survive this time. Some will, but face a major transition of their business to continue offering their products and services to their communities. Others have the reserves to survive, but have put off their innovative ideas to meet and exceed today’s standards of brand awareness online. 

No matter where you are in the mix, we are here to help. Use our virtual assistant, MIA, to book a free brainstorming session with one of our consultants. If you want, you can simply use this time to have us look at what you have in progress and give you some direction. 

We are sending you our best wishes and hope you will thrive among the renewed and deepened family connections, improved communications, and both personal and business transformation.


Deborah Janz & the team at IMPACT

Deborah Janz

Deborah is a true leader. Not only has she jumped through legal and regulatory hoops to launch a multi-million dollar US-based business in Canada, she also wears multiple hats at IMPACT. She's the researcher and strategist. She a learner and adopter of innovative practices. She's a speaker, consultant, and trainer. She's also building a dynamic team of experts through an awesome workplace culture. Prior to launching IMPACT, she was in the trenches of sales and marketing in the tourism industry. A globe-trotter by nature, her boots-on-the-ground approach to exploring new opportunities internationally is why IMPACT is successful. She's adventurous, hungry to travel the world, and is always willing to try different foods - bugs are not out of the question. When not working away to make IMPACT the best it can be, you can find Deborah climbing mountains, diving in clear waters, or mentoring female business owners.